Montessori & Me

Looking for an enjoyable education experience with your child? We have put together a Montessori and Me program that gives you the opportunity to get together with like minded parents/guardians and engage in activities with your child.  Have fun exploring a wide range of hands on activities learn about Montessori education principles and child development.  Discover how to transfer many Montessori learning activities to your own home.

We are looking for talented parents/guardians who understand the importance of early childhood education as a success of their child in the future. Make the initial steps in that direction while helping your child to achieve new milestones that will prepare him/her to easily overcome the life and learning challenges during each stage of growth.  In a Montessori and Me class, the goal of the teacher is not to work directly with the child in the presence of the parent/guardian, but to work with the child through the adult. 

Our 6 week sessions are open to children 14 months to 4 years of age.  We will meet once/week (Wednesday) from 9:30am-10:30am.  The cost is $135.00 for the 6 week program.  Your child will be making crafts with you, singing, have a creative movement time and will be working with Montessori materials suitable for his/her age.