Our Classrooms

In our Montessori classrooms, children begin experiencing learning through a “hands-on” manner at the age of two and are reintroduced several times during the following years at increasing degrees of abstraction and complexity.   Children are encouraged to explore their environment, to follow natural impulses in discovering how things work, do their own research and to express themselves.

Each Montessori Classroom has a rich environment full of the Montessori Materials to help each child reach their highest potential.  All the equipment in the classrooms allows the child to reinforce his casual impressions by inviting him to use his hands for learning.  The classrooms have two teachers, one/or both Montessori Certified and in some cases an intern in the Montessori Teaching Training Center or certified as an Early Childhood Education Teacher.  The classroom environment/condition is set up by the teacher with the idea that 80% of the child's mental development takes place before he is eight years old.

The tables and chairs in the classrooms are movable, permitting flexible arrangements for activities.  The children also work on small carpets on the floor where they are naturally comfortable.  The classroom is designed to put the child in a comfortable environment by giving him freedom in a prepared setting with attractive materials on low shelves within easy reach of even the smallest child.

The classroom is divided into three main groups: The Practical Life Exercises which are the beginning activities for the toddler through the three and four year old children; the Sensorial Area, which is used by all ages in the classroom; and the Academic Materials, which await each child's moments of interest in reading, arithmetic and geography.

You will notice that the classrooms have no front and no teacher's desk as a focal point.  The stimulation from learning should come from the total environment.